Linfield Football Club

The official diary of Linfield Football Club

The Linfield Football Club official diary is circulated throughout the province.

The diary contains information about the club, including board of directors and management staff details, club honours and a full index of supporters clubs.

The diary also contains a pre-printed fixtures list and provisional Irish Cup and League Cup dates.

The slimline diary is supplied to the Football Club completely free of all costs by means of advertising throughout the area.

If you would like to advertise in the diary please contact one of our friendly team for more information. Contact details below.

Page Size

Size Width Depth
87 mm 163 mm

Advert Dimensions (mm)

Size Width Depth Orientation
full page 66 mm
142 mm
1/2 page 66 mm
69 mm
1/3 page 66 mm
44.5 mm
1/4 page 66 mm
32.5 mm

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