Marie Curie

An official Marie Curie Northern Ireland Publication

The official Marie Curie diary will be sold on behalf of Marie Curie at Coffee Mornings and other fundraising functions.

The publishing of the diary depends entirely upon the advertising revenue which the business community have so very kindly contributed over the years. Subsequently your support would be most welcome.

If you would like to advertise in the diary please contact one of our friendly team for more information. Contact details below.

Page Size

Size Width Depth
87 mm 163 mm

Advert Dimensions (mm)

Size Width Depth Orientation
full page 66 mm
142 mm
1/2 page 66 mm
69 mm
1/3 page 66 mm
44.5 mm
1/4 page 66 mm
32.5 mm
1/5 page 66 mm
25.5 mm

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