dcg publications

background history

In 2004 our Managing Director created DCG Publications to cater for customers he had been involved with for over 25 years.

David Watt’s background had always been in printing and publishing.  After an education at Belfast High School and studying accountancy at the University of Ulster he joined the family printing company as a 21 year old in 1979.  He became a ‘Master Printer’, and, for the next seven years, he learned his trade in the various departments within the business.

Eventually as Production Director, with a production team of 40 employees, David redeveloped and modernised the company from letterpress to litho, including the complete computerisation of the pre-press/artwork department.

In 1990 David was appointed Sales Director covering the UK and Ireland, doubling turnover within five years, and in 1996 became Chairman.

With rapid developments in technology, printing became a much more specialised industry and David was of the opinion that it would be impossible to maintain quality standards, whilst also remaining competitive, with a medium sized private company.  It was therefore decided to create DCG Publications Ltd., a new company specialising in publishing.  Using the knowledge and experience gained within the industry over 25 years, this fledgling company has continued to grow since it’s birth in 2004 and has gone on to become a well established ‘player’ within the publishing industry.

In order to deal with this continued growth an office was opened in Edinburgh in 2005, and it is anticipated that further offices may open in the UK and Ireland in the future.

All employees of DCG Publications Ltd. have gained many years experience in the printing and publishing industries and are well placed to offer existing and potential clients expert advice on how best to achieve their specific objectives.  From first contact through design and completion you can be assured of receiving thoughtful analysis and informed opinion.

DCG Publications Ltd. has the qualified staff, modern equipment and experience needed to complete your job to a standard far exceeding your expectations.

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